WHO WE NEED: SwipeSense handles large-scale distributed IOT hardware networks that produce massive amounts of real-time sensor data. We’re looking for someone who is excited about designing and building with the future of big data solutions in-mind. We are looking for an experienced engineer who relishes putting the latest advances in algorithms and machine learning to use, to make sense of multi-sensor data streams.

Responsible for the development and implementation of algorithms and machine learning methods to convert multiple sensor data streams, originating from a distributed sensor network, into accurate activity predictions.


  • Develop distributed streaming algorithms to analyze and process high-volume sensor data in real time.
  • Optimize decision making algorithms to provide high-accuracy location and movement decisions using signal strength and other sensor data from a mesh network of low energy bluetooth devices.
  • Develop methods to analyze algorithm performance and grant insights into edge case and failure scenarios.
  • Oversee development of scoring scripts to guide algorithm improvements.
  • Create real-time performance metrics to accelerate iteration cycles and allow rapid prototyping.
  • Collaborate with embedded team on new sensor development to ensure sensor output meets algorithmic needs.
  • Collaborate with Data Engineers team to implement algorithms in production environment.


  • Strong modern algorithm fundamentals: pattern recognition, machine learning, multi-sensor fusion, image processing, probabilistic modelling, etc.
  • Strong physics fundamentals, understanding of RF systems
  • Signal Processing & information theory
  • Experience with cloud based distributed computing platforms like hadoop or spark
  • Knowledge of distributed data storage with Hadoop, Cassandra, or equivalent
  • Knowledge of data streaming technologies such as Kafka or Amazon kinesis
  • Deep understanding of big O notation and algorithm complexity analysis
  • Comfort with Linux, bash, and open source tools.


  • MS or PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related field.
  • No higher degree must be compensated by previous work experience.

Please note: position is full-time, at our Chicago headquarters. Must be legally authorized to work in the USA. SwipeSense offers competitive compensation, stock options and excellent medical and dental benefits. M/F/D/V