Product management at SwipeSense: Product Managers at SwipeSense determine what our team should build and why. Product Managers partner with design, engineering, sales, marketing and ops teams to successfully bring new products and features to market. Our process is fundamentally human-centered, relying on regular and frequent input from our users and customers.

Who we need: We are looking for an experienced Product Manager with track record of managing an existing product with a rapidly growing customer base and/or successfully bringing new products to market. Ideal candidates will have a strong foundation in human-centered design, business and engineering.

Primary Role: Responsible for synthesizing customer needs, user desires, market landscape, engineering capabilities, and business constraints into a coherent product strategy. Responsible for ensuring the successful execution of this strategy through effective partnerships with all business functions.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Become an internal expert on our customers, users and industry. Process should include extensive field research, market research and competitive intelligence gathering.
  • Develop and maintain high-resolution 3-month and low-resolution 12-month product roadmap.
  • Lead opportunity discovery process to identify and validate feature and enhancement areas. Process should include regular contact with our customers and in-depth user research.
  • Collaborate with Product Design team on design process going from requirements definition, to low-fidelity mock-ups, to design-complete engineering specifications.
  • Collaborate with Product Design and Engineering teams throughout development process to ensure successful delivery of new products and features.
  • Define and track metrics critical to the success of product features, and report regularly to internal stakeholders.
  • Responsible for gathering and synthesizing data and feedback on product performance to drive refinements and iterations.
  • Collaborate with Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Operations team to devise and execute go-to-market / launch plans.


  • Bachelor’s degree or above.
  • Minimum 2 years of Product Management experience.
  • Passionate communicator, able to effectively motivate others.
  • Experience with human-centered design process.

Please note: position is full-time, at our Chicago headquarters. Must be local or willing to relocate. Candidates must be a US Citizen, or a foreign citizen with required work visa.